Fuse The Rouge Pillar #2


Traffic is the most obvious problem in our parish.  First, as to the new bridge, we need to quit being like football instant replay referees – just make a decision!  Get the surrounding parish leaders in a room and don’t come out till we’ve decided where to put the damn thing.  And aide from the bridge and the large “green light” like initiatives, we need to address what should be called (and apologies to President Bush), “A Thousand Points of Fright”.  We need to address the innumerable small problems, like I10 East and Essen in the mornings, I10 East at Siegen Lane exit, College Drive West I10 entrance, etc., that could all be fixed with added exit lanes, changed signage, new exit roads, etc. at relatively minimal costs. The public, who see these problems every day, could point out and help devise solutions across the parish.  Plus, quit handing out driver’s licenses like candy, and mandate increased licensing requirements for parish residents.  You’d get better drivers, less volume and less accidents.  Also increase electronic monitoring of traffic laws, but enforce them and let our police go chase actual bad guys.  Both the licensing and actually collecting electronic traffic monitoring could provide funds for roads.  But the biggest method for paying for the better roads would come from an additional tax only levied on out of parish people.  Implement it at the gas pump and maybe as an additional sales tax, but provide each parish resident a “credit card” that could be swiped at the gas pump or the cash register and allow the parish resident to pay the amount without the out of parish surcharge.  It would be a hidden tax, but these out of parish residents use our roads and parish services.