Fuse The Rouge Pillar #1


All of our problems stem from the woeful public school educational system that has developed in Baton Rouge for the last 40 years.  White flight, crime, labor shortages, traffic – everything can be traced back to education.  It mostly directly affects minorities, but ultimately everyone.  Our city public schools, by and large, are producing poorly educated citizens who test well below their grade level.  Every public official, even tangentially involved in education, should be ashamed and resign.  It is so bad, tinkering around the edges or pouring in more money will not work.  The solution – “FUND IT, DON’T RUN IT”.  Take all the money dedicated to public schools, put it in one pot, then divide it by the number of students in the parish. Each student would then get that amount of money to be used only on education.  Call it a tax credit, education credit, education stipend, purple donkey – it doesn’t matter.  There would be an explosion of new schools, revamped schools and educational entrepreneurialism never before seen in this country. Educational entrepreneurs from every state would clamor to set up shop here.  The parish government could run schools too if it wanted, but they would have to compete with all the private schools and could not force attendance.  Capitalism and free enterprise works in every other aspect of our lives, so why not for the most import thing in our lives – our children’s brains?  And until Fund It, Don’t Run It is implemented, let’s put cameras in every classroom, and let the public see firsthand what our tax dollars are paying for in the way of education.