Fuse The Rouge Pillar #3


Why do we have two police forces overlapping each other – the Baton Rouge City Police and East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s office?  Merge those two into a completely new entity, which will tie in nicely with the President’s new executive order and possible coming federal laws, and call it the Guardian Rouge.  No longer call them police or cops, they will be our guardians – well trained, well paid, well educated, physical beyond fit and martial arts trained.  And no more blue or green.  The new uniforms and cars would all be red – or maybe a hip maroon or burgundy.  Put small Guardian Rouge substations around the city and especially smack in the middle of the worst, most crime ridden sections.  It will be community policing on steroids.  The Guardian Rouge will be the public’s friend – kids will want to grow up to be one and they will be all of our guardians.  It’s the “cop on the beat” – 21st century style.  And tying back into Theme #2, with more electronic traffic monitoring, the main interaction of the Guardian Rouge with otherwise law-abiding citizens will not be for a traffic stop.  The public will have mainly positive interaction with law enforcement and come to understand their main role is to be our guardians.  We should also pay the Guardian Rouge a bonus for living in the parish.  When law enforcement lives in the parish they serve, community policing is enhanced and commitment to the parish is emphasized. And finally, the Guardian Rouge will publicize just who in the heck the people are committing crimes – pictures, names, addresses, where you went to school, who are your parents.  Parish residents need to take ownership of how we are raising our children. And we should all keep an eye out on those bad citizens who dare soil our house.  A village shouldn’t raise a child, but it should look out for the bad child.