Fuse The Rouge Pillar #4


Black small business ownership has plummeted to around 3% since their peak in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  White small business ownership has fallen too.  Baton Rouge should become the Mecca or Hong Kong of small business, business enterprise and entrepreneurism.  We need to streamline the process to where one can start a business in a day – permits, licensing, etc.  Reduce fees, regulations and taxes for the first year or two that a business is open.  Encourage low entry requirement business like taxi service, food service, law service, etc. with city rules and helpful city employees designated to get business people up and running quickly and efficiently.  Perhaps there could even be a joint effort with the LSU, Southern, and BRCC business departments.  In return, business should be expected to be good parish partners, especially in regards to litter, clean up and appearance efforts of store fronts and surrounding areas.  And can the airport please be expanded?  There’s plenty of room for expansion.  We cannot expect to attract or keep great businesses (See Abermarle) unless we at a minimum have the ability of offer enhanced travel options from the city.