Guirard Offers Solutions for Baton Rouge Traffic Challenges

"A Thousand Points of Fright"

Mayoral candidate attorney “E Eric” calls traffic the most obvious problem in our parish. The local attorney includes traffic in his five pillars of focus and says it’s way past time to determine if the area needs a new bridge.

“Leaders from the surrounding parishes need to lock themselves into a room with me and not come out until a decision is made,” Guirard said.
As for the overall traffic picture, Guirard has his “ Thousand Points of Fright” that need attention.

“We need to address the innumerable small problems, like I-10 East and Essen in the mornings, I-10 East at Siegen Lane exit, College Drive West and the I-10 entrance, plus others that could all be fixed with added exit lanes, revised signage, new exit roads, etc. at relatively minimal costs,” he explained.

Guirard points out that nobody sees local traffic problems more than local motorists andbelieves they should play a part in pointing them out and helping to devise solutions. He also believes we should “quit handing out driver’s licenses like candy, and mandate increased licensing requirements for parish residents. You’d get better drivers, less volume and less accidents”.

Increasing electronic monitoring of traffic laws, with true enforcement would allow his proposed “Guardian Rouge” police force to chase actual bad guys, he said. “Both the licensing and actually collecting electronic traffic monitoring could provide funds for roads.”

The biggest method for paying for the better roads would come from an additional tax only levied on out of parish drivers. Guirard explains it this way: “Implement it at the gas pump and maybe as an additional sales tax, but provide each parish resident a “credit card” that could be
swiped at the gas pump or the cash register and allow the parish resident to pay the amount without the out of parish surcharge. It would be a hidden tax, but these out of parish residents use our roads and parish services so they can help us maintain them,” he said.

In addition to solving EBR’s traffic nightmare, Guirard’s other pillars of focus include education, crime, business development, and community relations/quality of life.