Guirard Proposes Single Force of Well Paid, Well Educated Law Enforcement

"The Guardian Rouge"

When discussing the current state of EBR’s law enforcement efforts local attorney “E Eric” Guirard starts with a question: “Why do we have two police forces overlapping each other – the Baton Rouge City Police and East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s office?”

Crime is one of Guirard’s five pillars of focus of his campaign for Mayor-President of East Baton Rouge Parish. His plan is to merge the two existing squads into a completely new entity and call it Guardian Rouge. “We’ll no longer call them police or cops, they will be our guardians – well trained, well paid, well educated, physical beyond fit and martial arts trained.”

Old school blue and green would be out and Baton Rouge’s finest would have new uniforms and cars that would be all red, “or maybe a hip maroon or burgundy”, according to Guirard. Guirard’s new brand of law enforcement will be made up of the “kind of people kids will want to grow up to be one day” and they will have mainly positive interaction with the public and truly serve as guardians.

Small substations located throughout town will create true community policing and “Guardian Rouge members will be paid a bonus for living in the parish,” said Guirard.

“When law enforcement lives in the parish they serve, community policing is enhanced and commitment to the parish is emphasized”.

He believes that as pride in our community and trust in our law enforcement increase, so will accountability. “Parish residents need to take ownership of how we are raising our children. And we should all keep an eye out on those bad citizens who dare soil our house.
A village shouldn’t raise a child, but it should look out for the bad child”.

Guirard’s other pillars of focus are education, traffic, business development and community relations/quality of life.